Sunday, 7 May 2017

The Pentland Hills are the driest I've seen since I started biking up them

The 3 of us race down to the Howe from East Kip

The Strava Segment known as "Run sheepie run" (for obvious reasons!) now has 13 little bridges built into it.

Clive managed to find about the only boggy bit up the Pentlands just now and nearly went over the bars in it!

Bright sunshine but a cold Easterly wind.

Not only biking and hill walking goes on up these hills, there's a flourishing model remote controlled glider club as well!

Barrie and I sit and contemplate life at the top.....well we were at the top of West Kip after all!

Dry dusty tracks are the order of the day in the Pentland hills at the moment after an April with virtually no rain. The tracks are fast, uphill as well as down and the reservoirs are beginning to look a bit low, but never fear, rain is forecast for the end of next week and I'm willing to bet that once it starts it'll take a bit of stopping!

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