Monday, 5 June 2017

From jumping jumps to trying to get new PRs, just another week on the mountain bike up the Pentlands

Barrie went first in our pathetic attempt to see who had most style in the jump at the bottom of Maidens Cleugh

My effort was next and didn't really look aggressive enough, more a look of "HELP"!

Next morning and I was out pruning jaggies that threatened to tear my arms and legs to shreds on a narrow bit of path I often bike along 

Soon be finished!

Dougie looking out into the wide blue yonder on Wednesday when we reached the top of Capelaw Hill

A great vantage point for the view on a day like Wednesday

Barrie was sure he could conquer this tricky little climb at Black Springs.....

He was wrong...twice!!

What a way to spend a Sunday morning while 99% of the population are still lying in their beds!

Black Hill done and dusted, it's nearly all downhill from here on back home.

Another week of great biking weather with a bit of everything thrown in and a couple of PRs for me into the bargain, they don't happen that often these days so I'll gladly take any that come my way! 

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