Monday, 27 November 2017

You can have too many layers of clothing on even when it's bitterly cold

It was the coldest day so far this month and I  thought it would be wise to layer up the clothing to keep warm.....big mistake! I've discovered too much is nearly as bad as too little especially if you're out with a couple of quick riders. I've never been as glad to get into the final stretch home with a tailwind as I was on Saturday, it's not a mistake I'm going to make again in a hurry!

Barrie casts an unsympathetic eye on me as I struggle to keep up with him and Clive as we made our way up to the Howe!

Earlier in the week, Dougie and I were greeted by Christmas fairy lights up at the Howe, seemed a bit early for them!
Out today down a track I've not been on for a while and discovered a monster tree that had been blown down in one of the recent storms, I'd like to have witnessed this big boy come crashing down.

Just over 100 miles to go to reach my years target of 4500 off road miles for the year so unless there's the mother of all snow storms lasting all of December it looks like I'm going to make it!! 

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