Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Man flu and mountain biking...not an ideal combination!

Probably going out in heavy rain on the 2nd of January wasn't the greatest idea to try and avoid the flu, soaked to the skin in only just above zero temperatures!

The flu was developing but at least there was the sign of better things to come (eventually) when I spotted the snowdrops starting to peep through
Man flu was developing rapidly on Sunday morning when I took this photo of Barrie and an old university friend who we met by chance up the Pentland's
A poor attempt at a group photo on Sunday morning at the side of Threipmuir Reservoir, by this time I was about past caring!

Man flu has come and almost gone (I think) it peaked on Sunday night when I produced enough snot to wipe out the national debt if I could have sold it! Two days off the bike and I'm going out tonight with Roger for what I hope will be a fairly gentle ride..........

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