Friday, 16 February 2018

Winter fork servicing time again

That's both my Anthems and Barries Anthem been given a fork lower leg service, the last service was last August so hopefully that should keep us going till the start of summer.

The result of  the snow melting is this road just along from Roslin is prone to a bit of flooding, it's a case of a bit of speed into it and then keep your feet up in the air out of the water! 

My yearly snowdrop pick, not strictly legal but I like to think I'm preserving the species by transplanting them in my garden.....a bit like saving the rhinos from extinction.....

Before the big melt I had a pedal up in the Pentlands and made friends with a snowman, I doubt if he'll still be there...

Quite a bit of snow higher up but thanks to the hill walkers, they come in handy sometimes, I was able to pedal on the tracks they'd made

Last Sunday Barrie came along but as I hadn't warned him that it was icy plus he didn't have his bike with the spikers on, so he just had to abort the ride, I managed a short one with my bike that was spiked though the conditions were about as icy as I've ever seen.

The nights are getting shorter, the days are getting longer, it can only mean one thing......we're in for some horrific weather before its Spring! It never fails!! 

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