Sunday, 17 February 2019

The ebike takes on the Kirk Road climb

None of us has ever managed the Kirk Road climb without a bit of hike a bike at some point in the climb so I was interested to see how the ebike (and myself) would get on. The track from the main road is an easy peddle to begin with but ramps up quite steep further on.

This section was still pretty easy going but the real challenge wasn't far away!

This was where the ebike came into its own, climbing up here was relatively easy and Barrie and Clive were forced to get off and push,

Barrie was the first to appear over the final tricky little climb and had to admit that when it comes to climbing an ebike takes a bit of beating. Another interesting discovery today was that the battery seemed to have a lot more reserve in it with the higher temperatures we experienced today compared to the sub zero temperatures of the last few weeks, we covered 28.5 miles today with a fair bit of climbing and I reckon with careful management I could have coaxed at least another 20 miles out of it.....roll on the summer! 

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