Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The younger branch of the family keep up the biking!

Down to Cardiff for a family visit and what better way to spend an hour or so than a bike ride with some of the younger members of the clan riding along whats known as the Taff Trail. This goes along the side of the River Taff in Cardiff with some interesting little tracks here and there and the odd bomb hole which with the recent weather turned out to be quite muddy in the bottom. 
Two of the young members of the family here with a friend were undecided until their father took the plunge and emerged unscathed from the mud........they all had a go then! 

The youngest here with his dad was beginning to complain near the end of our 8.5 mile trip but its hardly surprising as his bike was probably nearly twice the weight of ours, why do they put these ridiculous heavy springs on kids bikes, they provide sod all suspension!

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