Thursday, 16 January 2014

The Mudhugger extended........... to be given a real test at the Strathpuffer!

The Mudhugger in its original length.

The Mudhugger now with an additional 3 inches added.

I discovered that the Mudhugger fitted to my bike still allowed some dirt to stray onto my backside and worked out that it fitted lower down on my bike than it would on some others thus the tail of it wasn't really far enough back. Ever the would be inventor (but never very successful) I decided to experiment by gluing an extra 3 inches on to the end of it, riding a muddy mile and a half, removing the extension and riding another mile and a half. The difference was quite noticeable, whereas the extension kept me really clean the ride without it allowed some muck to spray my backside. Back home and the extension was glued back on with the addition of 6 small bolts (just to make sure the bugger didn't come off in a crash!). The ultimate test will be this weekend when I'm part of the Mad Max and the Pentland Puffers team taking part in the Strathpuffer 24 hour race just outside Strathpeffer in the far North of Scotland. Having done the race once before I know if there's anywhere that's going to guarantee mud it's going to be there!

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