Sunday, 12 January 2014

Cold and icy, but at least the mud was frozen....

Daylight at last just up from the Howe

-4.4 C on the Garmin.....means bloody cold!

Downhill from here on, thank god, my rear brake had been binding all the ride.

Icy roads back down the side of the reservoirs to Flotterstone.

A 6am start and a cold one at that but probably the last big ride before the Strathpuffer next week-end. To make things interesting my rear brake stopped working and then decided to bind for all of the way round after it started working again. What with that and the fact that I went out on the ice spikers on the Trek today meant that this for me was a hard ride. Over 26.5 miles though and just short of 3000 feet of climbing in freezing conditions meant it was ideal preparation for next week.  

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