Monday, 20 January 2014

The Strathpuffer 2014 experience

Base camp (or man-cave as it became known) for the event and Mad Max poses proudly in front of his mobile home while Baz appears pre-occupied with his mobile phone!!

Team Mad Max and The Pentland Puffers just before the start on Saturday morning with Mark kitted out and ready(?) for the Le Mans style start, though to be honest he admitted he never ran very far!

The crowd just before the start of the race

Neil, who was a member of our (deadly) rival team brought his brand spanking new and extremely clean and shiny Giant Trance 650B up to let it see the mud  and rocks but it declined to do any more than one lap for fear of cosmetic damage and he was forced to do the rest of the race on a friends Boardman hardtail!

It was down the left hand side of the cones to register every lap then back up the other side to start a new one.

Pitch black and there's music in the air down at the transition marquee

Last lap and Andy from the opposition and I had a leisurely ride round and stopped for a photograph with an old friend up at the top of the course!
The Strathpuffer 2014 has come and gone and all the training for freezing cold weather was in the end a bit pointless, I, in fact did my first lap in a short sleeve top with no gloves on as I got a bit carried away (nothing new there) with the first lap excitement! For the whole of the race it was more a choice of how little clothes to put on to avoid over heating, in my case at least, rather than avoiding frostbite! 
Once again a superbly organised event and fun and games, at least in our team, from start to finish, we will never be world beaters but the guys I was with certainly know how to have a good time. Thanks to all of them and the team of "Keep er Lit" (our deadly rivals) who made the weekend so good. By the way, we trounced them, thought I'd better mention that in case any of them read this!! Thanks guys.

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