Thursday, 13 May 2010

Usual pre race mishaps!

Any upcoming event wouldn't be the same for us without the usual bike breakdowns and near disastrous crashes. On Tuesday night I went into a tricky bit of the track through Bluebell Wood just a bit on the fast side the rear wheel went up, the bike stood still and over I went to land on my side/back on a large sharp log of wood. On Wednesday night Baz decided to finish off his ride with a spectacular descent of some wooden logs (the fool), caught his baggy shorts on the front of the saddle with the result he couldn't get his weight over the back of the bike. Needless to say he did a head plant into one of the logs, bust his new helmet, bent his front brake lever and nearly broke his wrist along with numerous other scrapes and bruises! I've no sympathy, I've warned him about these baggy shorts for a long time!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway it's off tomorrow afternoon to Fort William to acquire some more bruises............

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