Sunday, 17 October 2010

Baz finally conquers Dougie's Double Challenge (but not in one go!)

Failure the first time after catching the fence with his handlebars!

Posted by PicasaHe's done it !
Baz was finally coaxed into attempting what we call Dougie's Double Challenge, a tricky little rooty section where the first root is on a greasy little climb and the second one about ten yards later is downhill. The difficulty is avoiding the net fence at the top or left hand side which can snag your handlebars at both sections and on the downhill one there's the added complication of another root just to the right which lurks unseen ready to unseat you. Ever since Baz split his helmet in a crash back in the Spring  coming down a flight of steps he's had the jitters at anything dropping down over steps or roots. Today I managed to shame him into facing his fears, after all his mate Bruce did it last week at the first attempt,and he managed it though it has to be noted he needed two attempts at the second root!! 

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Pyatshaw said...

Well done, Baz....but I still think you two are nuts!