Sunday, 24 October 2010

Hells teeth, that was cold this morning!

Baz and I ventured off up the Pentlands at the back of 5am this morning with the temperature hovering around zero but with a fair bit of climbing to be done and no wind (except from Baz!) it didn't feel too cold. We'd decided to do the usual route in reverse today for a change and it turned out to be quite a bit easier and also quicker for some reason. The mishap today was on the return journey through Penicuik my back wheel took on a mind of its own, meandering about, and was obviously punctured. By this time it was daylight and the temperature had dropped considerably and by the time a large thorn was pulled out the tyre and the tube replaced my fingers were frozen (as well as my feet)! We got back to the house with 28.7 miles under our belts and a puncture to repair tonight.

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