Sunday, 6 March 2011

40 miler today with a bit of everything thrown in!

Baz celebrates a clear run up to the gate (grrrrrrrrr!)

There was about half a mile of north shore, most of it a fair bit higher than this bit.

Baz with the distinctive peak of West Kip in the background.

A 5.30 am start this morning with the aim of 40 miles today. It was frosty when we started and to be honest it didn't really get much warmer up until we finished at 11 am. The 40 miles was reached at an average of 8.6 mph and a new track was discovered into the bargain. The mishaps today...... Clive had a dress malfunction in that he had to rearrange shorts and thermals , a bit of chaffing, he said, and as we stopped for this Baz discovered a sudden need to disappear into the woods for some reason or other!
The highlight was Baz eventually putting a foot down when it looked like he was going to have a clear round!
Clive and I both breathed a big sigh of relief as we'd never have heard the end of it!
Great morning's biking, how can we better that? 
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