Sunday, 27 February 2011

34 miles today!

No, Clive's not sitting on the loo (though it does look like it).

Me at the start of the long slog up to West Kip.

Clive struggles to find a route through one of the boggy sections.

The picturesque descent from West Kip down to Loganlea reservoir.
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After a 6 am start in a temperature just above freezing we soon got a bit of warmth up with the climb up Castlelaw, Clive who hadn't been out on the bike for 2 weeks was struggling at this stage but hung in and every week now the daylight comes a little bit earlier. The mudfest, as we call a particularly muddy technical section, was done in daylight and guess who cleaned it today, yip, me!!!!! (Much to Baz's disgust though to be fair he did give me the route through some of the tricky bits!). The long climb to West Kip was slightly easier today as conditions were drier than last week so we had time to throw in an additional 4 mile loop back round by Threapmuir reservoir to take us up to the 34 miles at an average speed of 8 mph.

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