Friday, 29 April 2011

What better way to celebrate the Royal Wedding than a bike ride!

Heading north over the Forth Bridge at the start of the ride.

A stop at Burntisland for a drink and then an ice cream!

That's what you call a nail, no tyre can withstand that size!
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With the Royal Wedding virtually shutting down the country and no particular desire to sit and vegetate in front of a television watching it, Baz and me decided it was time to try the Fife Coastal Path eastwards from Inverkeithing. Judging by the people we met both walking and cycling there were more of the same mind as ourselves! The new Garmin 800 was used for the first time and proved that Baz's bike computer was hopelessly over calculating his mileage, no wonder he says he does so many miles each week! We ended up with27.53 miles with two punctures, me with a piece of glass and Baz with a nail which was about two inches long. When we got home they were still wittering on about the days events on the about boring!!!

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