Sunday, 1 May 2011

Over 3000 feet of climbing today, (thanks to Garmin!)

Mist rolling up the Pentland Hills at 6.30 am this morning.

What a view! (No, not the over sudocremed backside!)

The welcoming committee at the gate onto the road to Flotterstone.
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A 5.30 am start this morning and the temperature just above freezing had us wishing we'd opted for full finger gloves. However the climb up Castlelaw soon warmed us up and we were treated to some spectacular views as the mist was blown up over the hills. A slight technical hitch with the Garmin meant that I missed out about 3 miles so we had to rely on Baz's bike computer for the final total today of just over 34 miles. We also had a loan of a mini camcorder but some work is needed on the positioning of it before any videos worthwhile are produced. It even failed to catch me coming off on the final descent from West Kip! Baz did the scree slope twice in spectacular fashion, nearly over-shooting the track at the bottom the second time.
Apart from the "technical dismount" as I like to call it, and a puncture, there were no more mishaps today. 

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