Friday, 13 May 2011

Shiny new cassette, chain, inner and middle chain rings etc.

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Ten under the Ben beckons next weekend and the usual nonsense started on the bike before an event, i.e. everything that could go wrong with it went wrong. First the forks, which to be honest were looking the worse for wear started to under perform really badly, so they were replaced, then one of the pedals started to go wonky, they were replaced, finally the gears started jumping all over the place and the chain slipping so that meant a complete new drive gear replacement. Oh and I forgot the back wheel developed a bit of play so I replaced the bearings in there at the same time! Mind you the difference is amazing, I hadn't noticed what a creaky old wreck I'd been riding through the winter. With this surge of confidence in my revitalised bike I've also signed up to do a 7 hour solo event at Glentress on June 11th! Better keep the training going a bit longer!

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