Sunday, 8 May 2011

Another 3000 feet plus of climbing at Glentress today.

Had to take a piccy of the Garmin which now rules my riding!

Lifting Baz's bike up in celebration of a successful climb has bent my legs!

The start of the new blue descent route, not technical but good to finish of a morning's ride.
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Chucking down with rain this morning so off went Baz and myself to Glentress where at least there's a bit of shelter under the trees. The Garmin 800 now virtually dictates how I ride, i.e. how far each time, how long each time and what  vertical gain each ride achieves! Cant wait when I get home to link it up to the PC to see what rate my heart's been beating at today or if my cadence has been up to scratch!! Still got a few things to learn about it yet and as computer literacy is not my strong point it may well take some time! It is an amazing little bit of kit though and should prove to be bloody helpful. 24.5 miles today with 3343 feet of climbing involved. We discovered a recently opened new bit of Blue descent track and although not technically difficult it was a good way to end the ride.

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