Sunday, 26 June 2011

Late Saturday night riding (and falling off)

Military land ahead.....don't touch anything suspicious (like a ripped old tyre?)

Posted by PicasaQuite a spectacular over the bars from Clive when he under-estimated the gloopiness of the mud in this hollow!

Clive and I didn't get out till after 7pm in our attempt to do the West Kip loop on Saturday night  and even though we had to abort the final bit round West Kip due to the time we still managed to do 27.5 miles with over 2000 feet of climbing. The highlight was Clive's bike doing a fairly good impression of a bucking bronco when the front wheel got stuck in the thick mud at one point and he very kindly lay until I got the camera out to record the moment for posterity! It was still reasonably light when we got back home at 10.30pm , a reminder of just how far north we live! With another 10.75 miles today that takes my off road biking for the week to 83 miles.

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