Sunday, 19 June 2011

Tricky conditions on the wet grass

All right, this photo was staged, but this is how Baz ended up after loosing control on a wet, slippy, steep grassy descent and into the bargain I nearly ran over him as I came down behind him! Yesterday's rain made the top surface this morning greasy and slidy and when his back wheel started to overtake his front one there could only be one result. Luckily there were no rocks of any significance and apart from a small cut on his elbow and a massive dent in his pride everything was fine. (How I laughed though!)

This contraption I'm attempting to crawl through isn't a cat flap but must be one of the most remote dog flaps in Britain, I think next time I'll use the style.
28 miles this morning for Baz's final bike ride before he goes on holiday to warmer climes next week, I'll make him suffer from lack of training when he gets back.
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