Saturday, 4 June 2011

Ruby the Jack Russell does a runner!

This is Ruby the Jack Russell who took one look at Baz and me and promptly took to her heels and bolted. We'd gone down a previously unridden track and met her and her minders (they were only looking after her) coming up the way. She obviously has a dislike of bikers, probably had her tail run over at some time, and ran off with her desperate surrogate owner in pursuit! We followed at a discreet distance and to our relief after at least a mile he managed to grab the little b##### at the second attempt! All's well that ends well though I don't know who was more relieved, him or us.

I'm wondering if it might not be a lot less strenuous on something like this, it matches my cycling top at least. 

Baz decides the brown one is more his style, looked a bit more speedy!
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Over 30 miles today with  over 3000 feet of climbing and a temperature nearly 10 degrees Celsius less than yesterday, but then that's Scotland for you, no two days the same!

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