Sunday, 12 June 2011

Glentress 7, cuts, bruises, etc.(But no photos as the camera didn't work!)

Did the Glentress 7 yesterday, and did it solo! First time I've done an event solo and didn't know what to expect. Would I go too quick to start with, getting caught up in the excitement, would I be able to last the pace anyway and maybe have to stop early and make a fool of myself. In the event I think I managed to pace myself reasonably well and did 6 laps, finishing third in my class. I came home with a few souvenirs, a sliced knee and grazed elbow, courtesy of a crash on a greasy corner and a bruised shoulder when a tree jumped out at me on the final descent.  Oh and also a painful thumb when I came off on a particularly greasy bit on the last lap, but then nearly everybody around me were coming off on that bit.
The course itself was a classic with a mix of standard singletrack and special for the event sections added in. The route stood up remarkably well considering the rain that fell in the afternoon, I heard that one competitor got taken to hospital with hypothermia, the temperature never got out of single figures centigrade, and this nearly in the middle of June!
All the marshalls round the course did a great job in the rotten weather and deserve a round of applause.

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