Thursday, 8 September 2011

Plenty of mishaps!

Roger and Dougie discuss tactics!
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I'd changed all the drive chain the previous night and not really tested it properly and was well and truly found out when I went out last night with Dougie and Roger. My new back cassette has a 34 tooth sprocket to compensate for my new 26 tooth granny ring, at least thats my theory! Unfortunately when I changed into the lowest of the low, the idlers were catching the cassette and wouldn't change up again! This caused no end of problems climbing Castlelaw and then to make matters worse I had a snake bite puncture crossing one of the ditches. The tube was changed reasonably quickly and we got going down towards Glencorse where first Roger went over the bars and then I managed an even better over the front! After that I was lucky if I stayed upright for 20 yards and came home with half the Pentlands muck either on me or the bike. Not the most skilful ride I've done but one of the best for fun!

PS Just finished a 12 miler tonight and after a few tweaks the gears are now working okay.

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