Sunday, 4 September 2011

Tour de Ben Nevis training continues.

                                                                                       The sun begins to rise above the hills at about 7.30 this morning.

Enjoying the view at the Font Stone high above Nine Mile Burn

Baz's new bike presents no problems getting over fences.

What a view!

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A chilly start at 6 am this morning with the temperature at 41 Fahrenheit but the climb to the top of Castlelaw soon got us warmed up and with the sun shining and the heather in bloom it turned out to be a cracking day.
The garmin showed us to have had in total, 3176 feet of climbing and to have covered 34.01 miles.
Mishaps today seemed to be all mine, a broken chain and a couple of over the handlebars, but luckily into soft boggy ground!
By the way I did another 10.5 miles in late afternoon to take my weeks total up to 115 off road miles!

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