Sunday, 4 December 2011

Ouch!! That was painful!!!

You've heard of knobbly knees, well I've now got a knobbly elbow as a result of a fall on black ice this morning before we'd even reached the hills! the bike just disappeared from under me and I went down quicker than the Titanic, landing on my elbow to the accompaniment of some foul and abusive language!

Barrie sits astride the "throne" after the hard haul up from Harelaw.

It's good to be alive on a fine morning like this!

Off at 6am and immediately Baz and I discovered the roads were icy, Three miles later and I came off  taking a corner at about 3mph on black ice and ended up with an elbow that looks like its got an egg attached to it now!
We ended up having to walk up Castlelaw tar, it was just too icy, but once we got higher up into the hills the covering of snow gave us grip. The average temperature was a couple of degrees below zero for the ride but with plenty layers on we never felt it, 26 miles today, and winter's definitely arrived.

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Pyatshaw said...

Barry, shorts in this weather??!!!...what will Mummy say?