Saturday, 10 December 2011

Wasn't looking good this morning for tomorrows ride.

This was the scene this morning, 3 inches of snow and bitterly cold. Things didn't look promising for tomorrow morning's ride but there's been a partial thaw through the day and we're hopeful we'll get out for our Sunday morning jaunt in the hills!
I was out last night with Dougie and managed my daily over the bars when I caught my handlebars on his back-pack as I attempted to pass him as he held a gate open for me! However, one thing about frequent fall-offs is you learn how to fall off!!! So no harm done and we managed a respectable 24 miles in icy conditions at an average temperature of -4 Celsius, cold enough to freeze my front derailleur and the jockey wheels on the back one. Good night's riding........... Dougie then went off to work night-shift!!!

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