Sunday, 18 December 2011

This was a morning for ice spikers!

Looking east along Threapmuir reservoir.

The long haul up from Harelaw.

The sun just rising above the horizon at the top of the descent to Glencorse.

There's more than us who are a bit wrong in the head on a winters morning up in the Pentlands, here's a couple of runners we met!

If ever there was a need for studded tyres it was this morning. The snow that fell a couple of days ago had melted slightly and then froze leaving ice everywhere we went this morning. With the temperature at -5c Baz's front and rear derailleurs froze, leaving him pedalling furiously, stuck in a low gear! The average speed today was 6.5 mph not one of our fastest jaunts but the conditions dictated caution, and with dire threats hanging over our heads if we returned with broken limbs we took it easy! 24 cold but enjoyable (and injury free) miles. 

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