Sunday, 11 December 2011

S'no there anymore....(the snow that is)

This time last week there was about 2 inches of snow, in fact even on Friday night there was snow and ice, but an overnight thaw meant that this morning it was mud instead of ice we were faced with. Temperatures were only a couple of degrees above freezing but it meant no black ice, my worst case scenario, after coming off twice last week. I'm developing an impressive bruise on my arm down from my elbow and if this continues there'll be a picture of that posted up for posterity's sake!
My helmet resplendent with its new lights courtesy of Baz who had an unfortunate incident with some new lights he ordered, (the battery blew up), and managed to blag an extra set of lights out of the supplier if he didn't publicise the fact, it could have ruined the company, so I got an early Xmas present!!
25 miles today and no mishaps to report!

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