Saturday, 28 January 2012

Clive steals the show today!

"Thats where we're going", Clive points the way to Allermuir Hill

Me with a herd of bikes (or what ever you call them)

Baz on the point of losing control before the multiple collision!
(note the interested hiker)

Clive just after one of his many offs today!
(note the hiker has lost interest now!)
A Saturday ride this weekend starting in daylight at 2 pm and taking in the full Castlelaw climb, where I had a puncture, and then continuing up to the top of Allermuir Hill. The descent from there was terrific with frozen ground, the odd patch of ice and some snow. Clives first off was here followed at regular intervals with a few more, makes a change as it's usually me! The temperature was below freezing for the 28 mile ride which we finished in the dark at 6 pm ish. My total for the week so far is 92 miles, not bad for the depths of winter!

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