Sunday, 22 January 2012

Nearly at the 10000 mile mark for the Trek

Water running down the track after the heavy rain overnight.

Allegedly you can hear magical sounds by putting your ear to this device, I heard sod all!!

The North Esk in spate over the weir after the heavy rain.

Needing 48 miles for the 10000 miles on my Trek since new, I managed to reduce that by another 27 miles this morning after our ride in the Pentlands today. It was a rain jacket day today something I'm not keen on as I tend to overheat with too much clothes but was glad I had it on as it chucked it down for half the trip this morning as well as the wind  blowing at gale force. We're hoping all this bad weather traning stands us in good stead when the Spring eventually arrives, though in Scotland its hard to tell the seasons apart sometimes!
The magic figure should be achieved this week and the complete drive chain will  be renewed then as its on its last legs, jumping and occasionally chain sucking into the bargain. And I thought this was a cheap sport when I first started........  

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