Sunday, 11 March 2012

Baz's Trance comes out of retirement!

Clive points the way into the mist.

Baz didn't actually cycle up this way at all!

Mishap! A broken chain, never mind "bicycle repair man" was on hand!
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A 28.5 miler this morning with the full climb up Castlelaw, the first for some time and eventually ending up at West Kip for the descent back down to the Howe. Only mishap today was Baz's chain breaking about 6 miles from home but after a bit of banter it was fixed. Baz was out on his Trance today, his 29er managing to burst the sidewall of a tyre whilst tethered in his garage, temperamental machines these 29ers!!
My weeks riding is just over 100 miles off road again.

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