Sunday, 18 March 2012

Clive's birthday bike ride route

A hard hike-a-bike up from the Howe.

Near the top we got into the sun.

They must have been keen on their religion in days gone by, though the pony seems like a good idea!

We held the birthday party here at the foot of West Kip!!

Back home after a brilliant 30.5 miler!
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Clive chose the route today as it was his birthday and we ended up doing most of the stuff we do in reverse. Amazing how things are so much different the other way round and something we plan to do a bit more of this summer. An absolutely great 30.5 miler with the only mishaps being Clive attempting to fall off for each year of his life (only minor), me having a front flat a mile from home and Clive discovering a rip in a tyre when we did get back home

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