Sunday, 29 April 2012's getting colder!

Clive bites the dust at his nemesis, "the 2 mile log!)

We'd just come through a mini snowstorm at this point!

6am start this morning and when we left the house things didn't seem too cold. How wrong can you be?!! As    
soon as we gained a bit of altitude and lost any protection from the easterly wind the temperature at one point dropped below freezing and into the bargain we had a few flurry's of snow as well. After declaring himself the "Mud Master" Baz proceeded to have more offs on a muddy section than he had in the whole of the winter and I was able to announce myself as the "Mud Maestro" as I somehow or other more or less cleaned the same bit!! (That wont last long!!)  27.5 miles today and boy was I glad to get back to the house and under a hot shower!  

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