Thursday, 3 May 2012

Normal weather resumes

Dougie and Mark at the top of Castlelaw climb last night.

The view today down the repaired track up the north side of Castlelaw.

Three of us went out last night and did 26.5 miles in temperatures approaching normal for the time of year for a change. The tracks are still very muddy and greasy in places and on one of the uphill tracks my front wheel sank nearly up to the axle and propelled me over the bars to Dougie and Marks amusement!
Today with the sun even coming out for about the first time in several weeks I went back up the infamous Castlelaw climb again to investigate whether the track down the north side had been surfaced well enough to make it rideable back up the way. This was answered as on my way down I passed a biker puffing and panting his way up, so next week it could be a two way Castlelaw climb, just the thing to welcome Roger back from his holiday in Mexico!

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