Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Muckmedden, if ever an event was well named it was this one!!

Shiny and clean before the start!

For a first time event it was well supported.

Baz approaching the finish line

Will the Anthem ever be the same again?!

Our first event of the year and the first time this event had been held. The venue was Pitmeddon Forest in Fife and the event was called the Muckmeddon (we should have known better with a name like that) and mucky it certainly was! Baz and I had entered the two lap race which went under the name of the "Mental Muckers", two laps of roughly nine miles each, which seems a dawdle saw the tracks!!
They started of muddy and degenerated into thick gluey muck which caused my bike to suffer severe chain suck, as did most folks, and more or less jammed the wheels as the Trek doesn't have the best of tyre clearances. After struggling round one lap and holding Baz back I retired and he bravely (or foolishly) continued on and did the two!  He said the last two hundred yards he was starting to cramp so he judged it pretty fine!
The tracks themselves are terrific and we're definitely going back to ride them............when they dry up!  

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