Thursday, 19 April 2012

The west end of the Pentland Hills

Roger gets ready for the maiden voyage

He's past the point of no return!

How the hell did he get through there without falling off?

Mark was less successful crossing a small ditch!

A night's riding in the west end of the Pentland Hills with Mark who stays in Carlops. Roger and I drove along there and met up with Mark who knows the tracks there and while it's not got the same energy sapping climbs of the eastern end of the hills it had its moments, like the river crossings! Mark and I opted out of an early bath and carried our bikes across but the bold Roger decided he could cycle through. After getting myself into a good position for what I thought would be a great picture of Roger coming to grief mid-stream we were a bit disappointed that he made it to the other side still upright! Mark, on the other hand had an unfortunate come off when his front wheel sank in the mud crossing a ditch and he couldn't unclip in time to fall over into the mud like a tree being felled. This was greeted with much hilarity (even by Mark) as its a badge of honour to take home with you!
17.5 miles completed and we just made it back before the heavens opened!   

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