Saturday, 7 April 2012

The things you see when out on the bike!

Met these two guys out with their harrier hawks, not everyday you bump into this scenario!

Baz suffers chain suck (not haemorrhoids!!)

A Saturday ride this weekend and a meeting in the woods with two young guys out training their hawks, followed shortly afterwards with the disgusting sight of human faeces and rubbish next to a gypsy's caravan that had been parked on a bit of our route. We'll be giving that part a wide berth for a while! A couple of mishaps today, Baz had a spot of bother with chain suck and Clive lost it on a greasy, grassy descent and came off. He wasn't hurt but was a bit miffed that neither Baz or me had seen his crash, we were too busy with self preservation at the time! A 28 miler was done and the nights continue to stay lighter a bit longer.

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