Sunday, 10 June 2012

My bike's falling to bits!!

Since the Glentress 7 I've had nothing but trouble with the bike. The night after the event Clive and I were going out for a 10 mile leg stretcher. I got no more than 5 yards and when I went to change gear the gear shifter jammed solid and effectively died. How close was that to disaster at the event itself?!! The vouchers we won as our prize were immediately called into use and with a further 10% discount from the race entry fee included I was able to get 2 new gear shifters for the price of one. The change of shifters was noticeable right away, the old ones were obviously on their last legs. This morning Baz and me set off for a Pentlands ride and had done about 6 miles when the freehub packed in! No more prize winning vouchers to ease the pain this time of the replacement, when I get it that is, until then I'm borrowing Baz's back wheel off his spare bike! Here's hoping that's it with the breakdowns, it's becoming a bit costly1

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