Sunday, 3 June 2012

The Glentress 7, brilliant race, brilliant course, (and dry but cold weather)

Our motley bunch of soloists and pairs, Mark and Ian missing, before the start.

They're off, and in the middle of that lot are Baz, Dougie and Clive.

Baz and me getting our trophy and having a laugh, (which it's all about!)
Down to Glentress for the 7 hour race that we've been training for. None of us were going to be overall winners, the real race being against ourselves and keeping going when the going got tough! In the end Dougie did a highly creditable 8 laps in the solo with Clive just behind him with 7 laps. Baz and me somehow managed to come first in the senior veterans, though to be honest the opposition crumbled when we made our appearance (only joking!!). As well as a plaque to decorate my garage wall (not allowed in the house!) we got £40's worth of vouchers to squander on our bikes.
Keeping us well amused were Mark and Ian who had entered as TFI, don't even ask what that stood for, who forgot to change the timing chip at one change-over, had a  newly serviced bike back wheel seize up and then on the one remaining bike after they'd changed pedals etc. they suffered a broken spoke! All taken in good spirits, they should be renamed the "Chuckle Brothers"!! The average temperature ended up in the mid 40's Fahrenheit which was OK when out riding but was a bit on the chilly side on the lap off.
Great day's biking.

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