Sunday, 26 August 2012

Carlops, West Linton, Romano Bridge, then over the hills to Peebles.

The descent through the Meldons to Peebles.

Mark fancies this house on sale at £1.6 million.....

The entrance to the old railway tunnel (suitably spooky).

Away at 6 am (it should have been 5.45 but Clive dithered as usual!!) and arrived at Marks door at Carlops just before 7. From there along the Old Roman Road to West Linton and then on to Romano Bridge (great names for villages) and then up into the hills and the old drove trail over to Peebles. Some of the houses on our route were out of this world, the best one being the one for sale in the photo with Mark. Between us we couldn't quite come up with the collateral to make an offer though. The final run to Peebles was along the old railway line and through the old tunnel, we'd been warned by Mark to bring lights, and the odd bat fluttered (or whatever they do) about us. We bypassed Peebles on the south side along the Tweed and eventually reached Glentress where Mark had the foresight to park a car the night before for the return journey or we wouldn't have got back till god knows when! 37 miles done and a new route, great mornings biking! 

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