Thursday, 23 August 2012

Who's next?

Dougie's damaged hand.

Mark and Roger still going after a near disaster on Sunday

Roger lining up for the "bike wash"

A pretty eventful weekend. With the Tour De Ben Nevis five weeks away Mark had a spectacular crash at Innerleithen and by all accounts a lucky escape from serious injury. According to Roger who was with him , he attempted a pretty technical section without sizing it up first (when did Mark ever do that anyway?) and did an over the bars and full 360 degrees flying sulka (or whatever). He came away with bruises on top of bruises and a shirt fit for the bucket but lived to tell the tale and no doubt do the same thing again!! Dougie on the other hand went out alone on Monday morning and on a bit he's done a hundred times caught a stone somehow, went over the bars and apart from slicing his knee, lacerating his shoulder more disastrously chipped a bone at the base of his thumb! He's going to be touch and go for the event. So last night only three of us were out and we made sure that any time we came off it was on soft muddy bit! 25 miles and no serious offs (makes a change)

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