Sunday, 12 August 2012

Riding the "Skyline"

Baz points to where we're eventually going.

A bit of shoe cleaning out before the "hike a bike"!

Adding a wee stone to the top of the trig point on Scald Law!

Off just before 6am this morning to ride the "Skyline", the peaks along the Pentland Hills. First of all to warm up we did the Castlelaw Hill climb and then after a bit of acrobatics from me on the descent to Glencorse ( a slow speed over the bars) we set off for West Kip, the first of the five peaks. Baz in great form this morning managed a high percentage of the climbs and on one particularly steep one was stopped by a hill walker. He thought the guy was going to congratulate him on his cycling prowess but instead he was accused of causing untold erosion  on the paths of the hills. These hill walkers, or a large percentage of them at least, seem to think the hills belong to them so he was sent on his way with a few choice words he's probably never heard before. We were gone for roughly 4.5 hours and climbed just short of 4000 feet on our route of 26.5 miles. The training for the Tour de Ben Nevis is now in full flow! 

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