Wednesday, 15 August 2012

West Kip 3 days running (biking actually)!

This little chappie seemed pleased to see us

Then he decided to hop it!

Dougie photographing his bike at the top of West Kip while Baz does a horizontal Mobot in the background!

My lame attempt at a Usain Bolt high in the Pentlands!

Baz, Dougie, Mark and me out last night for a West Kip hike a bike, the third time in three days that Baz and me have done it. And, believe it or not the hike a bike up to the top of West Kip does actually get easier the more times you do it, must be physiological, but it's still hard!! The descent from East Kip back down to the Howe is fast, furious and brilliant. Special mention to Mark who's riding a replacement bike at the moment while is own one is in for service, this mighty steed he's on resembles a cross between a JCB digger and a road roller and he's really going to fly once he gets his own bike back! 27.5 miles last night again for the 3rd day running, now for a night off!

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