Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Tour de Ben Nevis:- Kinlochleven back to Fort William

Mark approaching the feed station after the first climb from Kinlochleven, this was followed by an even steeper climb on a rough Landrover track, at one point we had to pull a rider up out the bushes after he fell off the track and he couldn't unclip from the pedals. Hilarious, though for some reason he didn't seem to think so!

Baz doing the river crossing which was just before the 2 mile hike a bike. The river was well down on last year (god knows how with the summer we've had) but still bloody cold. Nobody bothered changing into dry socks as there was plenty of water, muck and bog to plough through on the bike push which was still to come.

Mark arriving at the timing point after what he must have felt was "Hell on Earth", the 2 mile hike a bike followed by some of the roughest terrain imaginable before eventually reaching the feed station situated in the middle of nowhere! Two young guys barbequeing sausages without tongs etc. which they'd forgotten to bring   but never did sausages taste better, even if we weren't sure if they were properly cooked!

The final leg along the cycle path to Fort William let us get a photo opportunity with Ben Nevis in the background, though as usual there was a cloud hiding the summit!
Would I do it again? Don't think so, that's twice I've done it now and twice I've been really lucky with the weather on the day, I think it would be tempting fate to try it again, I don't fancy getting stuck up in the wilderness section in a howling gale and torrential rain.

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