Sunday, 7 October 2012

First real frost since last winter

Baz demonstrating how you should concentrate the whole time, he even managed to land in some sheep dung!

The sun had just appeared to give a great view across Threapmuir Reservoir.

After all the climbing the descent down past Eastside Farm is worth waiting for

An old bridge that I particularly like in the grounds of Penicuik House.

Frosty but calm at 6 am this morning when Baz and me set off to do a repeat of a route I did solo through the day last Friday. We added a couple of extra miles on today for good measure and ended up with just over 32 miles all in. Tremendous views today when we were well up in the hills, we even encountered a young guy who'd been camping on his own all night, "Great fun" he said though I failed to see what was great fun huddled in a one man tent on your own with temperature below freezing.Ah well it takes all kinds to make the world go round, some folk even go out on their bikes in pitch darkness in the frost. 

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