Sunday, 18 November 2012

Clive makes a comeback (again!!)

Clear enough for the first picture after a 6 am start.

Some hardy sole must have spent the night in this small tent in sub zero temperatures.......brrrrrrrr!

A slight covering of snow near where the tent was pitched, -2 C at this point.

The sun just about to rise over West Kip this morning at 8.30 am approx.

Clive made an appearance this morning after over a months absence due to a combination (he says) of a heavy cold which turned into a chest infection (or man-flu as its known) and a small as yet untreated hernia in an embarrassing area! Its always good to go out with someone who's struggling a bit on the fitness side as it makes you feel so much better (at least that,s how I feel!), but he acquitted himself well only complaining on the steep sticky climb to West Kip. The temperature never really rose above zero with a few tricky icy patches here and there and a dusting of snow at about 1500 feet. 26.5 miles today to bring my weekly total up to 125 miles, hopefully the weather will stay reasonable this next week!

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