Thursday, 22 November 2012

Managed to fit 2 rides in yesterday (it didn't rain for a change)

It's banana time, and it's needed for what's coming next!

This is what's next, the long slog up to West Kip on soft grass and greasy tracks!

The River Esk , quite high due to the recent rain.

Yesterday was quite unusual, it didn't rain! As this is about as rare in Scotland as peace in the Middle East I took the opportunity to get out twice on the bike, first of all with Dougie in the forenoon, when we did a hard 26 miler and then at night with Mark when we did an equally hard ( for me anyway ) 24 miler. As I write this today the rain's hammering down and the wind's shrieking like a banshee, so back to normal weather then. Good job I got out yesterday it doesn't look like I'll be out today! 

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