Sunday, 17 February 2013

A view of Edinburgh ( and nearly a few other things as well!)

Two nights in a row we went riding up the Pentlands, the first night it was Mark, Baz and me and we couldn't have picked worse weather if we'd tried. gale force winds, horizontal frozen rain and icy patches scattered here and there to catch us out. Naturally when we got home we said it had been a great ride! Funny how you become quite an acllompished liar once you've been mountain biking for a few years! Next night was totally different, the wind had dropped and though the temperature was just above freezing it actually felt warm, mind you after the night before anything would be an improvement.
Dougie took this picture at the top of Allermuir just as Baz was re-zipping and I was still in the process of relieving myself, luckily facing the other way! When we got home at least we didn't have to lie when we said it had been a good ride. 44 miles covered in the two nights we were out.

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