Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Marks spectacular somersault!

Crash of the year goes to.......Mark (aka Madmax)

Baz made it through the snow, was it due to his bike being a 29er though?

Dougie didn't make it right through....

Mark managed the tricky rooty part onto the bridge although the camera reveals a helping hand from Dougie!

A night of hilarity as Mark did an ostrich act but used snow instead of sand, going straight over the bars to go head first into deep snow, no sympathy was shown and to be honest I don't think he expected any! He did manage the tricky technical bit through between the trees and onto the bridge though the jury's out on whether he received a help from Dougie on the way down from the roots. I managed to take KOM on a Strava segment from Mark who's vowed to regain it, or die in the attempt, probably the latter. Great nights riding for what must surely be the end of the cold weather.......we hope!

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